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DECKED allows you to get to your stuff without having to crawl or reach into the bed. Load the drawers up full (200 Lbs. each) and you can still operate them with only one hand. You know what Made in USA quality feels like when you grab the cast aluminum handle. DECKED’s inside drawer dimensions are 61.4″ (short) or 72.1″ (standard) long, 18.1″ wide and 8.4″ tall.

ProTech Detailing is the authorized dealer and installer of DECKED Truck-bed Storage Systems in Northwest Montana. If you are looking for a truck bed storage system for your truck then call us today. These storage systems are amazingly versatile, winning the best new product award at the SEMA Show 2014.


Storing and accessing your stuff needs to be easy. After years of failing to find a good solution we finally did it ourselves and designed DECKED. We developed a system which raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way, and out of the weather while having full use of the rest of your truck bed. Your time is money and being more efficient and working with less effort allows you more time and energy off the clock to do what you really love.


It can take a hell of a lot of toys to have a lot of fun. With DECKED you can store your rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party “items” or whatever else you need. Whether it be at the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot you can pretty much bring everything – including your girlfriend. Have a cold one on the top, lock your aspirin underneath, park your four-wheeler above and stash your pride below. It’s up to you, fun hog. How are you going to use your DECKED?

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Specialty Item For Sale

Using CAD data and OEM engineering standards, DECKED is designed to out-perform the competition under even the toughest conditions. Utilizing HDPE co-molded around a steel frame, you will experience the torsional and lateral stiffness of a factory feel truck bed. Thanks to our Detroit-based engineering team, you get the strength-to-weight ratio of a prize fighter in a product that boasts a 2,000 LBS. true load rating while weighing in at slightly over 200 LBS.


We didn’t bring a knife to a gun fight. We brought a cannon. In designing DECKED we spent years of research and development to deliver a product that will stand up to all the use, and most of the abuse, you can throw at it. HDPE represents the ultimate in impact-resistant, weather-proof materials. Melded to an engineered steel frame, the result is a combination of materials that will last the lifetime of your truck.


We went to great lengths to ensure comprehensive high quality and durability of DECKED. Like true truck geeks, we use only stainless or zinc chromate steel hardware and DECKED’s steel parts are finished with rust inhibitors that exceed automotive standards. From top to bottom, attention to workmanship and detail sets DECKED apart.

Company Overview

The DECKED story began when the Company’s founder, Lance Meller, started building storage solutions for the back of his pickup truck. Working as an outdoor sales representative, Lance needed a better way to protect and organize his gear, while still retaining the core utility of his truck. After a few years of building custom pickup bed storage systems with friends, Lance recognized there might be a bigger commercial opportunity to solve the same problem for everyone.

Everything fell into place after a chance lunch with Jake Peters, an entrepreneur, former investment banker, and now DECKED’s General Manager. For the next three years, Lance and Jake underwent an intensive design and engineering process that focused on solving the truck bed storage dilemma; how do you keep your gear dry, secure and still easily accessible at a price the doesn’t destroy your household budget? After working through a few engineering firms, failed design efforts, and countless alternative materials, DECKED hired Detroit-based engineering firm Altair Product Design to bring the product home. Through many design iterations, an extensive R&D effort, creative industrial design by Seattle-based design pros at DoE (Department of Energy), the dedication of a team of manufacturing pros in NW Ohio and some radical engineering fueled by lots of caffeinated nights, the team finally came up with the truck bed storage solution known as DECKED.

It has taken three years to create a product that the DECKED team felt was worthy of bringing to market. Jake outlined one core principle: “We will spare no expense to ensure the engineering validity, high quality, strength, and durability of our products.” The mission has been achieved by sourcing high quality materials like 100% recycled HDPE and steel combined with an unrelenting attention to detail. When standard parts or coatings would have worked, the team at DECKED went one step above, sourcing next level materials like; stainless steel hardware, rust inhibitors that are beyond automotive standards, or thicker gauge steel to ensure product durability. DECKED is confident that truck owners looking for a secure and ergonomic storage solution will experience the difference with just one pull on DECKED’s one piece cast aluminum handles.

DECKED is designed and manufactured in America and committed to the satisfaction of its customers. The DECKED sales team is located around the U.S. and made up of seasoned sales veterans who are focused on providing their dealers with the needed sales and marketing tools to grow the DECKED brand. DECKED’s website has been designed to provide consumers with answers to their product questions, while making the buying process as easy as possible. All products are backed with a 3-year limited warranty from the date of original purchase. DECKED is dedicated to bringing its customers a product that allows them to ”Work Smarter, Play Harder.”

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