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With roots back to 1972, Protech was derived from a small “Mom & Pop” detailing shop called DAT Renovating. The initials stood for Doris Ann Thompson, owner and little German spitfire that ran the establishment for years.

In 1993 Protech’s name change was not all that was evolving. New owner Shane Schoenthal started a new era of detailing. With his background in the forest industry, he began producing hi-volume wholesale accounts (car dealerships) which became the primary focus. A day and swing shift work schedule was initiated and Protech started operating 16+ hours a day.

After a period of time and increased analysis, it became clear that to satisfy an ever diligent client base there was no substitute for spending additional time in our customers vehicles and the only customers willing to spend additional funds on better cleaning were private clients. From that time forth we have concentrated our effort on the retail market. Our private customers were/are more than willing to compensate us for extra effort and higher quality.

Beginning around the year 2000 we started seeing an influx of brand new cars and trucks at our facility. Providing protection from the start of ownership resulted in many requesting Rhino Lining Sprayed in bedliners. Responding to those requests took two years of bedliner investigation before partnering with the first and original Rhino Linings USA Company. To this day we have never wavered with our decision to spray Rhino Linings Tuff Grip. There is a difference.

We are currently responding again to our customers requests and needs. We have repeatedly been asked to carry a truck topper line and install them with our typical commitment and approach to customer service. We have chosen to represent the Century line of fiberglass and aluminum toppers. With great looks and value, the many Century models will fit most of the Flathead Valleys needs.

To this day quality and customer service is job one.

If you think a professional is expensive try an amateur!

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