Protech Detailing


At ProTech Detailing we understand that your vehicle is a major investment. Whether you are trying to sell your car, maintain and improve your current models appearance or simply want to apply protection to your new vehicle purchase, ProTech Detailing has a program to fit your needs.

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Specialty Item For Sale

  • Maximize sale price and recognize highest return on investment.
  • Recoup watercraft detailing costs (and more) through the increased sales price.
  • Detailing to include:
    • Engine Degrease
    • Interior
    • Seat Removal
    • Threshold Removal
    • Exterior Machine Buff

Specialty Maintenance

  • No Engine Necessary
  • Interior Detail
  • Leather Conditioner
  • ScotchGuard
  • Exterior Detailing
    • Hand Sealant
    • Machine Polish
    • System I Buffing
    • Paint Perfection
  • Diamond Plus Paint Sealant
  • Mag Chloride Removal

Specialty Prep Options

  • Undercoating
  • Liquid Glass Paint Protection
  • XPEL Clear Film
  • Diamond Fusion Windshield Protection
  • Rhino Linings for Trailer
  • Leather Conditioning
  • ScotchGuard Stain Protection
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